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PayPal Here Card Reader and Vibrant VClip Offer

PayPal Here Card Reader and Vibrant Lanyard Clip

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The V:Clip provides mobility and visibility to the payment device, Designed exclusively in the UK for Miura M010 PED, it also fits devices from PayPal cardreader V2 and iZettle M010 payment devices. The V:Clip is designed to suit the needs of the dynamic retailer. It allows the merchant to remain hands-free and allows the customers to easily identify that staff are available to assist a sale/accept a payment, before the sale is lost. Using a premium PC/ABS moulded material the product is constructed to precisely fit the Miura M010, it is retained securely in place but can be easily removed to pass to the customer, or alternatively the chip and pin slot or swipe can still be accessed whilst held in place in the V:Clip. The V:Clip works in conjunction with Miura’s fast charge rack, so multiple users can display their payment devices during the retailer’s opening hours and charge them overnight, ready for use the following day